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Stephens/Workhorse Reversing Drum Mixer with a 12.7 yard (pr 9.5 m) mixing capacity. ”Runways” of drum are constructed of 1” thick steel. Drum interior, mixing paddles, longitudinal paddles, and charge chute are lined with 1” thick polyurethane, for easy maintenance and cleaning. Discharge shovels are protected with AR 400 plate, discharge chute is lined with ½” polyurethane. The unique paddle arrangement results in higher shear forces within the mixer. Resulting in a shorter mixer cycle, and more efficient use of cementitous materials. Drum liners are in sections to allow front section of mixer drum to be lined sooner than rear section. Drum liners have a million yard or 5 year cost effective, prorated warranty. The paddle liners have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Charging Chute: Stephens/Workhorse Drum has a patented ”swing out” charging chute with a rubber seal. The patented design allow for ”fine tune: adjustments to maintain and keep proper seal between drum and rubber seal. A drip lip and collection hopper help keep the mixer platform area clean from spillage when the ”swing out chute” is in the closed position. A NEW ”scraper blade” has also been added to give a squeegee type action to help keep side of mixer clean. The blade will push water and slurry toward the drip lip and collecting hopper.

Discharge Chute: The mixer drum rotates in one direction for charging and mixing, and reverse rotation for discharging into the truck. This simple system eliminates the costly, high maintenance hydraulic tilt systems that are associated with the tilt mixers. This reversing feature also serves to clean the back of the paddles and prevent the concrete buildup usually associated with the turbulent zone behind the paddles. Discharge pipe will have one section of bolt in A/R liner.

Drive Mechanism: The Stephens/Workhorse Drum is resting and rotating on and 4 rubber drums each consisting of 4 solid tires. Stephens tires are 90 durometer, giving added hardness and durability to decipitate heat and give a longer wear life. Many customers experience near 1 million yards before tires need to be replaced. The 4 rubber drums allow for quiet, vibration free and low maintenance operation. This eliminates any steel on steel wear points for the mixer. There are no expensive gears or steel wear points you have to replace. The drums are turned by four shaft mounted speed reducers with V-belt drives and four 50hp electric motors (1800 rpm, TEFC). A variable speed frequency drive controls the speed of the rotation and gives the operator full control of how fast he wants the mixer to discharge. The mixer can temporarily stop or be rotated very slow while waiting for truck to arrive. The slower rotation will give extra time before the concrete activates and begins to set up. Other mixers only operate at one speed and the concrete heats up and activates quicker while inside the drum.

Base frame is designed for easy maintenance and clean up. The frame is designed with an open frame allowing the customer to sweep or wash out under the mixer without having ”boxed in” structural members to hold material or water.

Emergency Drive: Electric emergency drive utilizes two permanently mounted motors with V-belt drive for emptying mixer in case of power failure. Quick hook up will allow customer to disconnect the 50hp belts and connect the two emergency motors. The customer will be required to supply power (generator) to power the emergency drive.

Safety fence: We take safety seriously. To prevent exposure to any points, we provide a full height fencing around the mixer. It is not only the safest fencing in the industry, but it is also very easily removed. Simple undo 4 screws to remove the entire panel, and another 2 screws to remove the post, for full access to the mixer for maintenance.

Electrical Package: The mixer motor control center comes complete with 3rd party label ”UL 508 A” or CSA C22.2 No. 14”. It features a 400 amp 440-480 max volts fused main disconnect supplying a 200hp reversible variable speed controller which controls the speed and direction the mixer is turning. The vari-drive has a load reactor and breaking resistor. the vari-drive feed four 50 hp breaker type overloads which supplies power to the four 50hp mixer motors. Each overload is wired to send a fault signal to the vari-drive stopping all motors in case one motor has a fault condition. The motor control center has ventilation and cooling fans to guard against overheating.

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