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Silo “Bag Type” Vents

Bags hang from shaker frames in the top of the vent, bags snap into the vent floor. Internal electric shaker cleaning device with 1/3 hp single phase motor. Optional Timer Switch controls available. Bags are constructed of Polyester Dacron, felt.

Bag Type Vents Available:

SV-17016 bags170 sq. ft.36" x 36" width99" tall
SV-26525 bags265 sq. ft.44-¾" x 44-¾" width99" tall
SV-38036 bags380 sq. ft.53-⅜" x 53-⅜" width101-½" tall

Cartridge Type Vents

Cartridges can easily be replaced from outside the vent to eliminate confined space issues. No special tools required. Cartridges can be washed, dried and reused. Cartridges cleaned by pulsed air reversing through the cartridge. Customer to supply “dry air”. Filter Regulator included with automatic drain and control box included.

S.O.S Cartridge Vents Available:

SOS-10203 cartridges450 sq. ft.41" x 40" width, 60-⅞" tall
SOS-1020 X 26 cartridges900 sq. ft.52-¾" x 36-½" width, 80-⅞" tall designed for split silo
SOS-13604 cartridges600 sq. ft.51-⅛" x 40" width, 60-⅞" tall
SOS-2040 6 cartridges900 sq. ft.50-¾" x 40" width, 78-⅞" tall

Bag Type

Cartridge Type

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